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What if you could be at peace even with all the chaos of the city around you?

What if you could jump start your wellness and healing practices with expert support?

What if you could feel Urban Well?


City life takes its toll on our nervous systems, keeping us over-stimulated and on high-alert. Sometimes it is hard to breathe, let alone relax or heal. What if you could get away from it all while still being in the city and work on deep healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain?


Urban Well Therapies can help.

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“I have had the benefit of multiple sessions with Shadia, and am always struck by her unique combination of presence, care, humor, compassion, strength and extensive knowledge of and passion for what feels like every aspect of healing. Shadia has an incredible wealth of training and experience in every aspect of healing, from the physical through her pilates and yoga instructor certification, to nutrition and diet, to her training and experience in the field of energy healing. Her background in psychology and social work and her focus on restorative justice and healing trauma combined with all of the above make her an incredibly valuable and unique resource for integrating physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic healing.”

— L.B.










“Shadia is a healing presence in every sense of the word. From the instant you enter her lovely, welcoming space, you can already feel the stress begin to drain. Her caring welcome and healing hands put my mind and body at ease, lulling me into a deeply restful state. Both of my energy sessions left me relaxed, refreshed and more centered. I highly recommend her services to anyone in search of healing, balance and deep relaxation.”

— I.S.






“Shadia has such a warm and nurturing energy. She explained everything really thoroughly at the beginning of the session and immediately put me at ease. The session was so calming and healing and this energy stayed with me for a long time after the session ended.”

— S.K.











“Shadia always makes me feel warm, she always comes from a place of kindness and understanding. When my heart and mind and body feel out of sync, when I am trying to negotiate any conflict or deal with any unwanted emotion, I call Shadia. She helps put me in a better place, she helps me start putting my pieces back together. I am grateful to Shadia for helping me get in touch with my body and for allowing me to feel everything so deeply and without any fear knowing that she was always there and I was always safe with her.”


— A.S.







“I recently had a light touch healing energy session with Shadia and I immediately felt her warmth. She used this warmth to lull me into a restful and tranquil state that lingered well after I left the session. It was a lovely experience, especially because I am well into my first pregnancy and I really value any opportunity to relax and seek calmness. Shadia’s healing comes from a place of genuine concern for the well-being of others. I would highly recommend working with her.”

— M.G.








“To enter a session in Shadia’s office is to be enveloped in comfy gentleness. As the session begins, she carefully asks for preferences about things like the focus of the session and the amount of pressure the client wants. The softness of her touch radiates through the body. After the session, she was able to explain a specific blockage in my body’s energy pattern and how to work with it. I felt super relaxed for days after the session. Shadia is both safe and highly effective.”


— K.A.






“As a teacher, I have seen the difference in how my students think and function after yoga with Shadia. They are more alert, more spirited, and their thinking tends to be sharper, more specific. It has helped them to see learning, I think, more holistically. Shadia brings hope and enthusiasm to students. She has a depth of knowledge and is a joyful teacher!”

— A.S.







“I loved my session with Shadia. I’m used to super intense workouts, so this was completely different for me. The Melt session was a meditative experience where I felt totally aligned and relaxed afterward. Shadia is a great instructor and made me feel totally comfortable and relaxed.”


— S.B.