What is Sound Therapy

Delicately crafted and thoughtfully played, Tibetan singing bowls create harmonic sounds that aid the meditative process. They are excellent for reducing stress, deep relaxation, energy therapy and overall holistic healing. The unique resonance of these special vibrations is soothing enough to calm the nerves, yet able to penetrate the flesh to reach the marrow of the bones! Sound therapy can awaken the body’s natural healing powers, rejuvenating and deeply relaxing the mind and spirit.


If the human body is compared to an orchestra, each organ, tissue, and cell functions like a different instrument. All the individual parts have different tones and unique attributes that must be tuned in order to play harmoniously together. In sound therapy, the rhythmic sounds of the singing bowls bring the body into tune. The combination between the sound of the bowl perceived through the ear, and the vibrations of the bowl through the flesh of the body have a profound healing effect on the nervous system, which communicates with every cell in the body.


Sound therapy has a healing effect on body, mind, and soul. The sound waves have a rippling effect, spreading in concentric rings into larger and larger waves through the body, to relax, harmonize and energize the body simultaneously. The sound vibrations of the singing bowls are designed for healing by releasing energy blockages from body, mind, and spirit. Due to its relaxing effect, sound therapy is a powerful adjuvant therapy for almost any illness as it helps to relieve pain and tension.