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What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing. Remove any metal that you have on.

Anything I should know about entering the space?

When you enter the waiting area please note to turn your cell phone off. There are many offices in the building, so please enter quietly. Restrooms and a water cooler are down the hall. Please wait patiently until you are greeted by your practitioner. Once you book an appointment, you will be given specific instructions to enter the building and use an intercom code. When you enter Urban Well’s healing space you will be asked to remove your shoes.



They are in no way obligatory. They are accepted in cash or on your credit card and is based on satisfaction and preference.

Can I book a single session?

There are no single sessions available. You can only book packages or an initial consultation.

How do the packages work?

The first two packages, the Connect and Rebalance Packages allow you to choose healing services based on your preferences. You are able to choose what you would like after an initial assessment. The initial assessment is built into the first session and this session will be 80 – 90 minutes, longer than the subsequent treatment sessions which are 50 minutes.

Which package should I choose?

 If you are not sure what you need, I recommend calling for a short consultation about what package might suit you. Call 917.727.5470 and leave your name and number and the best time to return your call. I will return your call within 24-36 hours. You can also info@urbanwelltherapies.com.  If you know you would like in-depth services you can book a complete immersion consultation. During our consultation, I will ask you some questions and make a recommendation of a complete immersion and holistic healing package with pricing options. This is the best value of all the three packages as services are available more frequently and completely customized to address your needs.

How far in advance should I schedule my subsequent appointments?

We recommend you book your appointments at least two weeks in advance as slots fill up quickly. 

Need more information? We are always here for you!

Feel free to call me at 917.727.5470 or