Meet Shadia and the Urban Well Mission

When we struggle with emotional challenges and life transitions, it can show up in the physical body. Emotional stressors can manifest as fatigue, pain, feeling on edge, or simply not feeling like oneself. Living in a non-stop city like New York can exacerbate these issues as our nervous systems are constantly on high alert. When we struggle with physical pain or injury, it can affect our emotional well-being and sense of identity. Left unaddressed, mind-body issues can become chronic ailments. The body’s natural healing ability becomes harder to access and symptoms can worsen. All we might want is to get better, but we can find it hard to talk about our distress.

As a professionally trained social worker, Shadia noticed over the years how these issues show up in the body. Her clients would came to her to for difficult emotional circumstances, but were also suffering from debilitating physical pain. She wanted to offer something to alleviate their physical as well as emotional distress. She began offering techniques acquired through her mind-body therapy background to address the spectrum of obstacles people faced in feeling better. She found in her practice that a more somatic approach may be the answer.

Shadia supports clients by providing a space for deep healing with a customized approach to meet a range of needs. There is something for everyone at Urban Well Therapies. For example, energy healing works by addressing all levels of your being—your mind, your body, your spirit. The Melt Method system of hands-off body work gives you the tools to self-treat pain and make lasting changes in your alignment by rehydrating your connective tissue. Medicinal aromatherapy calls on nature to support healing vibrations in your body. Sound meditation and Shakti Naam yoga involve sound, cardio movements, and breath work combined with spiritual centering, and are beneficial for someone who seeks a more active approach to healing.

Her extensive certifications in various modalities include energy healing, yoga, hands-off bodywork, pilates, medicinal aromatherapy, somatic-based psychotherapy for healing trauma, and conflict transformation. This education has given Shadia the tools to customize healing services attentive to your needs. In addition, she’s studied embodied anatomy, body mind centering, sound healing, vipassana meditation, mindfulness based stress reduction, and Insight Dialogue. All these practices are integrated into her unique approach to healing and inform how she works. She has a MSW in social work, and a BA in gender studies and political science.